Batgirl Annual #1 (2000)


Batman guests in the first Annual to star the all-new Batgirl! When a young Indian actor is kidnapped from the streets of Gotham City, Batgirl and the Dark Knight travel to India to solve the mystery, but find more than they bargained for in the shapeshifting form of Aruna, a metahuman who is also looking for the boy, and is unwilling to let anything ? or anyone ? deter her. Plus: a backup story revealing Aruna's origin, including how the fates ? and the god Brahma ? dealt this new heroine a strange hand. For more information, see the feature article

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Peso .096 kg
Dimensiones 27 × 18 × .01 cm

Scott Peterson


Mike Deodato

Artista de Portada

Matt Haley



Grading Scale

Fine (FN)