Daredevil #293 (1964 1st Series)


On 6th Avenue in New York City, Daredevil is fighting Taskmaster, while the Punisher fights Tombstone. It appears that the two are having some sort of competition to see who can murder the most people. Daredevil and Taskmaster are at a stalemate, with Taskmaster repeating Daredevil's every move, until Daredevil uses a taxi, with Punisher and Tombstone fighting on top of it, to stun Taskmaster. Taskmaster and Tombstone end up on the ground next to each other, and Punisher is about to kill them when Daredevil intervenes, knocking Punisher to the ground and taking his gun. He threatens Taskmaster and Tombstone with it, and Taskmaster begins to talk, until Punisher throws a knife at him. Daredevil fires at the knife, deflecting it away from Taskmaster's heart, but it still hits him in the stomach. Tombstone takes the opportunity to escape as ambulances and police cars arrive, and Punisher slips away into an alley.


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Peso .096 kg
Dimensiones 27 × 18 × .01 cm

D.G. Chichester


Al Williamson, Lee Weeks

Artista de Portada

Lee Weeks



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Near Mint (NM)