Fantastic Four #416 (1961 1st Series)


The world has gone mad! The heroes of the Marvel Universe unite to confront an über power known as Onslaught (a foe with the combined powers of Charles Xavier, Magneto, Franklin Richards, and the X-Man). An army of the FF's greatest adversaries takes this opportunity to strike! But the Fantastic Four soon learns that they don't stand alone as a collection of their greatest allies (along with Doctor Doom) shows up to help. But this skirmish is merely a warm-up as the real battle is about to begin! Story continues in X-Men 56 and (the one-shot) Onslaught Marvel Universe. Cameo appearances by Agatha Harkness, Apocalypse, Beast, Bishop, Crystal, Doctor Doom, Hawkeye, Iceman, Kristoff, Puppet Master, Vision, and the Watcher. Backup story: "Roads Not Taken!" Script by Tom DeFalco. Art by John Buscema and Tom Palmer. The Watcher takes a look at a brief moment in history when Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom were friends. (Notes: This issue concludes with a dynamic 2-page layout of the FF and their friends. The Fantastic Four title (2nd series) is relaunched with significant changes in the Heroes Reborn universe (aka Franklins pocket universe) in November 1996. The FF return to the normal Marvel universe and continuity in the Heroes Reborn: The Return Limited Series in December 1997

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Dimensiones 27 × 18 × .01 cm

Tom DeFalco


Carlos Pacheco

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Carlos Pacheco


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Near Mint (NM)