Superboy #4 (1994)


Pulp Heroes, the DCU Annuals event, continues with a story in the spirit of the adventure magazines of the 1930s. A cryptic message from Rex Leech leads Superboy and Roxy to a mysterious island where dinosaurs run free, Rex runs the natives, and Superboy gets to run around in a loincloth when he crowns himself 'King of the Jungle' and fights a giant white gorilla. Written by Eddie Berganza, with art by Tom Grindberg, Sergio Cariello, Brad Gorby, Bill Anderson, Barb Kaalberg and Jed Hotchkiss. Painted cover by Gary Gianni.

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Peso .096 kg
Dimensiones 27 × 18 × 01 cm
Artista de Portada

Gary Gianni